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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I was thinking back and realized I have now been "blogging" for five years. I don't know if I would consider what I do actually blogging, since it's more like I very sporadically post random comments or stories. (Though I guess in some ways that is the definition of a blog. Hmm...) Anyway, I don't think I've really stuck with any other "hobby" this long (except gymnastics). I don't even know if the infrequency with which I post allows me to consider this an active hobby. However, despite my lack of posting, I do read a lot of blogs still. So that means I'm active in some ways.

Anyway, that was a ramble. When I started this I was in the middle of high school. Now I'm almost done with college. I find it interesting that both myself, and the owners of the other blogs I read, are in such different places now than they used to be. (Well, obviously. Five years is a good while!) Taking the risk of sounding like a stalker for making these comments, I think it's cool just to watch how everyone's lives have changed over the five or six years I've been reading their blogs. To give examples of two people who I know might actually read this, Troy used to be in school (I think), and now he's working and married. Skyte used to work/own/run a day care center, and now has stopped that to go to school to become a veterinarian. (Details may be incorrect.)

I just think that the changes are neat, and the existence of blogs, as little windows into other peoples' lives is a wonderful tool created to open up our eyes to more parts of the world, and more citizens of the world, than we would have previously been privy to.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 10:30:00 PM °°°