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Saturday, June 03, 2006

You know how I have been complaining about my computer in the not so distant past?

Well, it died two weeks ago. It was on, singing to me as I was falling asleep one night, and by the next morning it had turned itself off and refused to turn back on.

I did loose some things with the death of the hard drive, but I had most of the important things backed up - at least I think I did. (Who knows when I'll figure out that I lost something important to me.)

Very fortunate for me, my 3-year extended warranty is good until the end of June. Had my computer died just one month later, I would have been out of luck. I'm so glad that is not the case (because I certainly can't afford to buy a new computer right now).

I don't know exactly what all they are doing with my computer (it was sent away in a box to be fixed). But, the webpage that updates me on what's happening to my computer says that three parts have been ordered. I don't know what these parts are, but hopefully with their insertion into the computer, my computer can pull through for another three years. (Yeah, wishful thinking, but I'm still hoping.)

So, that's my newest excuse for not posting, I guess. Lack of my own computer to post off of.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 11:32:00 PM °°°