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Friday, December 16, 2005

You can tell finals week is getting long when you lick a stamp and get frustrated that it won't stick to the postcard you are sending. And then realize that you're supposed to pull the backing off because it's a sticker-stamp, not a lickable-stamp.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 11:24:00 AM °°°

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My back was hurting and I wanted to put a heating pad or something on it. Unfortunately, I don't have one. So I improvised. What do I have that emits heat... hmm...

Oh! My computer regularly overheats! I could use that!

So I did. I lied on my floor, with my computer on my back, for the last 20 minutes. Weirdest multi-use of a product ever. But it kind of almost worked.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 9:42:00 PM °°°

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The best thing about winter at school is when lots of little paths are formed in the snow, running across the big fields. I feel like I'm a rat in a maze or something. I can only follow the packed down paths. And they are really skinny. If someone else is coming from the other direction, you have to squeeze around each other, or step into the deeper non-packed down snow. One problem, though, is when a path is started, and then just kind of ends in the middle of a snow-drift. Then you end up getting wet.

It's finals week. And last week was the week before finals week. If I end up posting something, it will probably be a rant or a complaint about how busy I am, or how lazy I am, or how I just can't help procrastinating. So that's why I'm avoiding posting. Because those are probably annoying posts.

Also, I got paranoid (for no reason) and tried to remove all instances of my name and my school's name from the blog. There still are some, but fewer than before. I'm still very identifiable as myself if you know me. But it'll be nearly impossible for someone to google my name and my school and come up with this now (or, it will be after google re-indexes the webpage) I think. (Will it work like that? I don't even know.) I'm not really hiding from anyone, and I don't really care if anyone I know in real life finds this blog. (I know at least one person has. Hi, if you're reading this, B. I know you've been reading this since freshman year. And somehow you've read it at least once while studying abroad. I'm impressed.) I just want to make them have to work for it, if they're going to find it. :-)

Posted by Serene Chaos at 11:00:00 PM °°°