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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Someone just came into the computer lab where I am working and asked me if I had an extra mouse-pad he could use. He looked surprised when I said that I didn't. I'm sorry. Do most computer labs just keep an arsenal of extra mouse-pads lying around in the closet, in case someone wants to use one with their personal labtop?

Posted by Serene Chaos at 4:12:00 PM °°°

Upon waking up very confused as to what was going on about 30 minutes ago, I realized that the loud noise was not part of my dream. I opened my door, mostly asleep. I saw one of my floor mates standing in the hall with her jacket.

"Are you going down?" she ask me. It wasn't until then that I woke up enough to realize that it was the fire alarm going off. I went back into my room, pulled on a sweatshirt, grabbed my keys and a jacket, and headed downstairs to stand outside the dorm with everyone else.

I got down and went outside. "Hi [R]!" one of my freshman's friends enthusiastically greeted me as I exited the door. I looked around and something was confusing me, but I wasn't sure what, exactly, it was. I saw someone else leave the dorm in pink plaid pajamas and a jacket. She looked over and realized I was who I was, and I realized she was who she was, and since we are friends she came over to huddle in the cold/talk with me. "I've got my bunnies with me," she said, indicating toward her zipped up jacket, which was pulled tight across the stuffed bunnies tucked in her shirt. "Where you asleep too?" she asked me?

Then I realized what was confusing me. Everyone else, for the most part, was wearing jeans. My friend in her pajamas, and myself in my pink patterned pajama pants, were two of the very few people who had been woken up by the noise. Everyone else had still been awake. Because it's Saturday night, and they were up partying or whatever. I started laughing. "What is it?" she questioned me. I pointed out to her our outfits which screamed sleepwear, and everyone else's that...didn't.

A security officer came by, looked into the doorway of the dorm, and then walked away. Nothing else happened for a few minutes. It sounded, for a second, like the alarms had stopped. Someone opened the door to go back inside. We realized that the alarms were still going off, we had just gotten used to them. My floor mate called Security on her cell phone, just to make sure they were actually aware that the entire cluster of dorms was standing outside due to a fire alarm, and was someone going to come turn it off. As she was calling, she looked over and saw a security van pull up.

A minute later, the noise stopped. My pink pajama pants and I went back up to my room. I took off my jacket and stepped back into the hall. "Did you go down?" asked another one of my floor mates, who I had not seen downstairs. I probably grunted something indicating "yes". I went back into my room, and attempted to calm down enough to go back to sleep.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 1:52:00 AM °°°