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Friday, October 15, 2004

I just got it into my head that I kind of want to double major in Psychology and Anthropology. And that is not a good thing. Who has time for a double major! One in a very non-useful field! When I only wants to work with kids anyway! Ahhhh!!!!

Posted by Serene Chaos at 12:43:00 PM °°°

I just got this in an email:

How to start your day with a positive attitude:

1. Create a "new folder" on your computer.
2. Name it "George W. Bush".
3. Send it to the trash.
4. Empty the trash.
5. Your computer will ask you: "Do you really want to get rid of "George W. Bush"?
6. Answer calmly, "Yes," and press the mouse button.
7. Smile.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 12:37:00 PM °°°

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Due to some demand, here are a couple pictures of me. Neither of them are of me in my normal habitat (which would be quite a boring picture, since my normal habitat is sitting at my desk or sleeping in my bed).

The first one is Dressed Up [R]. It is me at the wedding I went to last weekend. I don't like dressing up.
fancy me

The second one is Super Girl [R]. I live in the basement of my dorm, and there are big holes dug out so that we get some light through our windows in the basement. I was jumping into my window well. It was more fun than it sounds. I felt like I was flying!
fancy me

And there is [R]. Those people who were curious who's webloggy-thingie they were reading no longer have to be curious. It is I, short girl, long-ish hair, pale skin. The end.

(Click on the pictures and they'll get bigger. I stole the codey thing to do that from Pesky Apostrophe, because I've never been able to figure out how to make the pictures due that poppy-uppy-thingie. But she always does it. So I stole.)

Posted by Serene Chaos at 9:29:00 PM °°°

Monday, October 11, 2004

I went home for a wedding this past weekend. My grandpa, who doesn't hear very well, muttered something. We asked him to repeat it because we couldn't hear what he had said. He repeated it, quite a bit louder. Though he thought that he was still whispering, it was pretty close to shouting.

"I haven't seen this many half exposed breasts in a long time. And I like it!"

Posted by Serene Chaos at 9:29:00 PM °°°