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Saturday, January 17, 2004

Even though I try really really hard to keep my computer's innards clean and spyware/adware/trojan free, I decided to download Spybot Search and Destroy and Ad-Aware just to make sure. And I was very disappointed when I found that, despite all my hard work, bad guys had worked their way into my computer! Luckily though, it wasn't very bad. Mostly just tracking cookies and stuff like that, so nothing really dangerous.

And yet, while I hate all the bad things getting into my computer, I feel a great pleasure out of running programs to get rid of them.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 2:49:00 AM °°°

Last night I went to the Neofuturists' prime-time show, Sex! A Special Report from The News Show. It was hilarious. They had a bunch of humorous random skits about sex, including several interviews with Sex. They also had a cooking segment in which they cooked "aphrodisiacs". And they talked about different aphrodisiacs. Including the smell of a cucumber for females. One of the actors then proceeded to stick a whole cucumber practically up my nose and told me to smell it. (Side note: The Neofuturarium is located in a fairly small studio theater - there were about 70 people in there at most, the number was probably closer to 50 though.) They often have audience "participation". I was sitting there (in the front row, because that's where I happened to sit) laughing hysterically while this cucumber was stuck in front of my nose, (and well, practically in my mouth too, they were also talking about phallic objects). He then, after maybe 30 seconds, handed the cucumber to me, and kept gesturing at me to continue smelling it throughout the rest of the show. After the show, my friend informed me that me being their "volunteer" (even though I didn't actually volunteer) made it as funny as it was. Because I'm pretty much the exact opposite of someone who would openly talk about sex. Or volunteer to smell a cucumber in front of an audience.

(But, on the other hand, I was excited because he must have thought that I was at least 17 or 18 years old - otherwise he wouldn't have used me in his skit. And well, people usually don't think I'm 17 or 18, (even though I'm 19, but that doesn't really matter, because I look the same as I did two months ago when I was 18. But I do look older than I did when I was just-turned-17).

Anyone who's ever in or around Chicago should make an effort to see one of the shows at the Neofuturarium. Especially Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind which has been running nearly every weekend since 1988. I have never seen a show there that I didn't like (except for that one time when I was running on way too few hours of sleep and had worked outside at camp all day, and I kind of fell asleep. But that time doesn't count).

Posted by Serene Chaos at 2:00:00 AM °°°

Thursday, January 15, 2004

I got a new bike! It is beautiful! It is a Giant OCR2 road bike. I had to get the extra-small size frame because I am an extra-small sized person. I really thought I could get by with a small frame, but, they convinced me that the x-small was actually the right size for me. Darn. In my next life, I'm going to grow and be tall. Er, a whopping 5feet 5inches, maybe. Oh well, at least that means no one else will want to ride my bike - they won't fit on it!

Right now, my bike lives in my bedroom. I am unfortunately, not going to be able to actually ride it until spring break. (I am not bringing it to school - I still have my other bike there.) I have not rode a road bike before, so, I'm going to need to learn how to do so - it's a lot different than the hybrid (upright) bike that I am used to.

Now though, I am already looking forward to spring break when I will be able to ride my bike. This is sad, since I am still at home for winter break.

In other news, I finished watching the first two seasons of Buffy on my DVDs. (They occasionally work on my computer. If I restart enough times, I wear the program out, so it just starts to work.) I did cheat by skipping about half of the first season. My problem is, once I'm at school, I won't have time to watch the DVDs. And since all my friends have either gone back to school already, or have a job, I have nothing to do during the day except sit around and watch DVDs. So, that's what I do. I have been super lazy during this break. Super super lazy. Next year, I'm getting a job during winter break. I don't know why I didn't this year - I was going to, and then I just never got around to it.

Now, I am tired and don't know what I'm typing, and am too tired to look over what I have already written, so I don't know what I said or if it made sense. I am going to attempt to go to sleep before 3:00am for the first time in approximately three weeks. I doubt it'll happen - I'm sure I'll get distracted.

*Wow, the only word I spelled wrong in this entire entry was "distracted". I am very surprised, considering I am tired and not looking over what I wrote at all. (IEspell checks my spelling for me.)

Posted by Serene Chaos at 12:44:00 AM °°°