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Friday, December 05, 2003

Yesterday was my birthday. I am 19 now. When I type it like that, it still looks like such a small number. Nineteen, only nine years more than ten. But, when I say it out loud, it sounds much older. Nineteen, that's only one year shy of twenty, one year shy of being half way to being middle-aged. I'm already older than many of the "woman", girls really, who my mother works with in the labor and delivery department (it's not a department, what is it called when referring to an area of a hospital?) of the hospital. And I'm in college and all independent and stuff. But it's hard work. I think that I would rather go back to being one year shy of ten. Being nine years old and having no worries, except for the occasional tantrum and not being able to watch what I want on tv, or not being allowed to spend as much time as I would like to on the computer.

But I guess nineteen is okay too. It works.

And then, I fell asleep with a smile on my face, it was so big that it was almost painful, and it wouldn't stop. But the smile was a result of something entirely removed from my birthday

Posted by Serene Chaos at 7:54:00 AM °°°

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

So I decided to go to the library, to get myself away from the computer. I was going to amuse myself solely with my homework. Instead, I amused myself with sleep. The library is so very comfy. (It was voted by Rolling Stone Magazine as the comfiest library in the country some time ago. I can't find an article on it, though I know one exists, I have read it.) So, I fell asleep like I always do for at least a little while when I go to the library.

Now, I am back in my room. I am kind of alternating between reading a paragraph in my education book, and writing a line for my Spanish essay. I should just pick one, but I can't decide which to do, so I'm doing both.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 12:21:00 AM °°°

Monday, December 01, 2003

This is hilarious! I giggled out loud!

Angry Mac User (it's a Switch spoof).

"I don't feel like I'm operating the Mac so much as I am just there sharing the Mac experience, and if I can do something useful while the Mac is willing, so much the better."

"Mac killed my inner child."

This was more amusing than my homework too. Now, I'm really going to go do that. Maybe.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 9:32:00 PM °°°

One of my roommates has the Windows 3D Pipes screen saver on her computer. And I just keep watching it. It is very entertaining. Too entertaining.

But, not as entertaining as this.

a hamster in a pink car

hamster running really quickly in a pink car

Yes folks, that is a hamster in a pink car. He is running up and down the hall. In a pink car. Running into walls. It's very amusing.

But so then again, so is my homework. Or at least that's what I'm trying to tell myself.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 9:09:00 PM °°°