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Thursday, October 16, 2003

"Oh my dear God this is the greatest game I've ever seen in my life [...] Dear Fucking God!! [...] We're going to fuck them tonight, baby!! [...] Joe, I love you Joe, holy shit."

--This is a direct quote from the guys down the hall who have been watching baseball all night. This was shrieked at the top of their lungs. Apparently the Yankees won.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 11:30:00 PM °°°

Midterms are bad. bad. bad.

The End.

I really have very little recollection of having written the last entry. That's what I get for staying up late and taking cold medicine at the same time.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 8:46:00 PM °°°

So, it's raining out. And I have my laptop with me. So I don't really want to go outside, because they it might get wet. But it's late and I am doing work in an academic building, but I kind of want to go back to my dorm. Hmm...

In other new, I did laundry. Which was pretty exciting because I was running out of clothes. But, now I have eight bras hanging to dry in my room and I'm afraid some guy will walk in. And yes, that is very junior high of me, but, I am very junior high in many ways.

I went apple picking with my mom and siblings during parent weekend. You can look at the pictures here.
Username: publicviewer
Password: none (the word "none")

College has drawn out the nail biter in me. I hadn't really bitten my nails in a while, but I just recently started again.

I am short. Yes. I am short. Oh, yeah, in case you were wondering, I'm the short one. Yes, I'm the little one. My nickname used to be little [R], that's because I am short.
And one day, I will write a whole entry on being short, and it's downsides, as well as it's upsides. But not today. I have to write a midterm by Friday at 1:00. But I don't really know how to write it.

I had a really bad cold yesterday. But it's a little better now.

I really like my down comforter - it is nice and warm.

Did you know that every single study carroll at [---- College] has a lamp? Every single one. All the study carrolls and all the comfy chairs on all four floors of the library, and the first two floors of the academic building. Everything has lamps. That's because they dim the lights at night, so it gets dark. That, and the sun goes down.

I think I need to get some sleep. But it's still raining and I don't want to hurt my computer...

I have not read over this, so I take no blame for any incoherency's in it. But I do take credit for anything profound that may have come out of it (though I doubt anything profound did come out of it).

Posted by Serene Chaos at 12:11:00 AM °°°