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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

How fitting is it that I was talking on Kathy and Judy about biting ladybugs, and now I'm on Google's first page of results when you search for "biting ladybugs"?!

Posted by Serene Chaos at 6:41:00 PM °°°

I was just on the radio!!! On Kathy and Judy on WGN Radio they were talking about the recent surge in biting ladybugs. So, I decided that I wanted to call in, because I always want to call in. So I dialed, and it was buy and I dialed and it was busy and I dialed and it was busy, for a long time. Then I dialed and it rang and rang and rang and rang and then someone picked up. "Hello, WGN Radio". And then my heart beated (beat?) really fast, because it's scary! And I said that I was in school in [---town], Iowa and that we had those biting ladybugs here too. So the guy who answered the phone (I think it is a producer or something) said that I could go on! So he put me in "line". (You are on the phone, and you can here them, but they can't hear you.)

So, then I heard, "And now we have [R] calling", and of course I don't know what I said. But I know I said that I was at school in [----town], Iowa, and we have the biting ladybugs here too. And then they asked about homecoming, and I said that I don't think we have a homecoming. (I don't think any colleges have homecomings, do they? They probably thought I was in high school. After I got off, my mom, who I was talking to through instant messaging, told me I sounded like I was 8 years old.) And then they said "oh, you are at a school in Iowa, not Iowa" (So maybe they just thought I went to University of Iowa?). And I said "Yes". And they said, "Oh, [---- College], isn't that a really good school?". And I said, "it's pretty good." And they said, "Is [---- College] like Carleton?" And I questioned, "Carlton is a liberal arts school, right?". And they said, "yes", so I said, "yes". And then started asking me if I liked my roommate. So I told them I had three, and yes, they were all pretty good. And then they asked if I had a boyfriend, and I said no. And they asked if I had a boyfriend at home, and I said no. And then we said bye to each other. And I said "Thanks, bye". And I hung up the phone, and put my earphones back on, and heard myself saying "bye". (Because there is a lag time, in case someone says something they need to beep out.) And I really did sound like I was 8.

And there was a lot of other stuff I wanted to say, but gosh, it's scary! WGN has a really strong band, and they broadcast online, so lots of people listen!

So, if you listen to WGN Radio and Kathy and Judy and heard someone named [R]
talking about ladybugs today, that was me!

Posted by Serene Chaos at 11:24:00 AM °°°

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Wireless internet is so much fun. I am sitting in the lounge of my dorm, watching Gilmore Girls, and typing on my computer. I'm so easily amused, but I think it's super cool.

My roommate and I are going to decorate our room with construction paper paper chains! It's going to be so corny and construction papery and I'm going to make coffee filter flowers, and we're keeping it a secret and not showing anyone until we're done. We are so excited!

Posted by Serene Chaos at 7:49:00 PM °°°

Monday, October 06, 2003

AAHH Why don't they cancel shows when they're still good?! I just skimmed an episode summary of Charmed out of curiosity, and Piper broke up with Leo!! They were my perfect couple in my early teenage years. And now they are no more! WAAA!! :'(

Okay, I'm obsessive. I'll get over it, maybe, eventually. If I can eat a lot of chocolate. (Except, I can't eat until sundown, because it's Yom Kippur - The day of atonement and fasting. So maybe I'll get over it tomorrow.)

Posted by Serene Chaos at 8:38:00 AM °°°

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Last night, I played bingo for two and a half hours (2.5 hours). And then, on the second to last game, I finally won. I finally won a box of Kraft Easy Mac (which coincidentally I've heard has that same type of fat that the Oreos company got sued for having). It was fun.

But before that, whispering happened that made me feel like I was in junior high. And yes, it was about a boy. And now I feel self conscious, but really, what else is new there.

Also, one of my outgoing roommates told us how she drinks because it helps her social anxiety. I had to bite my tongue for several reasons. One, I did a report on anxiety last year - did you know that many people with anxiety disorder also have alcoholism or drug addictions, because they tried to self medicate? Also, she has never seemed quiet or shy or scared even when she is clean of everything. I guess I shouldn't judge because I really don't know. But, I can't help it, and I am judging.

What else, what else, what else.

The campus is infested with ladybugs. Seriously. And some of them bite (although I guess the biting ones aren't ladybugs.)

We had jello wrestling here last week. It was crazy and messy and there is still a huge mass of red jello remnants on the main field. Which is probably helping to attract the evil biting ladybugs.

My tutorial professor (tutorial is like an English class with a special theme) is making me less of a writer. I came from high school with these really good AP English teachers, to this. He's an anthropology professor, and he thinks he knows how to write well, but he doesn't. Not really, at all. And I feel like I am in a high school freshman English class, the way he teaches us, not a selective college freshman English class. Meh. I told my mom this, and she said, "so that's what we're paying $30,000 for? Great".

Parent's weekend is in a week. And then fall break is a week after that. And when I go home for fall break I am going to two (2!) Michelle Branch concerts. And I am in the process of convincing my mom to let me go to a third. She is playing so many times in and around Chicago, it's great.

So that has been my recent life. At least the bits of it that I remember at the moment.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 4:16:00 PM °°°