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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Okay. So, I've been packing a lot. Err... I've been pretending to pack a lot. I've been procrastinating a real lot.

Because I'm leaving tomorrow.

TOMORROW!!! For college! Except, I'm not old enough for college. I'm 12. I'm twelve years old and in sixth grade. There is no way I'm 18 years old and going to college. In Iowa. Who picks to go to college in Iowa?!

I'm meeting my roommates tomorrow evening (we move in Saturday morning) at the Dari Barn right outside of [---town] Iowa. The Dari Barn, they spell it like that. I'm going to college in a Iowa, in a town that doesn't even have it's own Dari Barn, I have to go right outside of town to get to the Dari Barn.

And, ack. I don't know. I'm going to college. It's so weird. I can't get over that fact. Because, after college, everything will be different. I won't be a kid, I'll be an adult. And I'll have to make money. And that means I'll have to get a real job, and not just my camp counseling job which pays next to nothing. And I'll have to do my own laundry. And go grocery shopping. And remember to return my books to the library. (Every time I check something our from the library I end up with a humongous fine because I forget to return it.) Every single thing I get I will have to pay for with my own money (and for that reason, I am determined to go for as long as I can without getting a car). I won't be able to grab a dollar from the change bin, because any change in the bin will be mine! I won't be able to ask my mom to take me shopping, because even if I do, I'll have to pay for my own clothes! (Well, maybe not always, but most of the time).

And one of the most annoying things is, every adult I talk to is like, "so, watch out for that freshman 15". Blahblahblah. I don't want to gain 15 pounds! I really don't think I'll gain 15 pounds, but everyone else is convincing me that I will.

And my friends are all leaving too, which is weird. One of them just leave of University of Illinois the other day. One of them will soon leave for Israel (yeah, the country) in a few weeks. She's not going to be back until next June.

And it's not like I don't feel ready. I feel completely ready. I have had more than enough of high school and am ready to move on to college and be able to study what I want to study. And I am ready to move on from my friends too. It's just that, I don't feel old enough. Oh well.

*I wrote this yesterday, but I never posted it. Now I posted it and I'm leaving. Bye-bye house. Bye-bye room. Hello everything else*


Posted by Serene Chaos at 8:19:00 PM °°°

One of my friends was over, watching me pack. As she was leaving she looked over at the kitchen counter, which had a peach sitting on it.
Friend: That looks squishy, is it squishy?
Me: I don't know...
*She pickes it up and squeezes it*
Friend: Oh! It's a peach!!
Me: Yeah...

Posted by Serene Chaos at 8:06:00 PM °°°

Here is the IM convesation of the day:

[12:37:47 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: what's your icon supposed to be?
[12:37:57 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: i think it's the trillian symbol.
[12:38:04 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: 'cause i use trillian.
[12:38:16 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: it looks like mothballs
[12:38:21 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: what's a trillian?
[12:38:45 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: hehee! mothballs!
[12:38:50 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: it's a house for aim.
[12:39:25 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: a house?
[12:39:49 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: a home.
[12:40:16 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: an internet server needs a home?
[12:40:33 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: mine does. it's special. :)
[12:40:50 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: that is special
[12:40:59 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: yeah. it is. lol.
[12:41:53 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: by "special" i mean really "special"
[12:42:13 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: my "special" i mean "unique" hehe
[12:42:33 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: good one
[12:42:35 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: yeah.
[12:42:39 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: i'm smart.
[12:42:41 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: i almost laughed
[12:42:47 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: hehe.
[12:43:00 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: glad you approve
[12:43:12 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: i never said i approve. i was laughing at you, not with you.
[12:43:19 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: :p
[12:43:39 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: that works too
[12:43:50 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: yeah
[12:45:07 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: i suppose
[12:45:14 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: heh.
[12:45:44 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: BOO
[12:45:54 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: AH!
[12:45:56 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: you scared me!
[12:46:27 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: that was my intent
[12:47:11 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: wow. you're good.
[12:47:48 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: sure
[12:47:51 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: why not?
[12:48:14 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: well, umm... (ah! i'm lacking in witty comeback!)
[12:49:00 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: it's ok
[12:49:13 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: as long as it's got ya thinking
[12:49:17 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: no it's not. i'm ruined. forever.
[12:49:22 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: and it's all your fault!
[12:49:31 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: i tried my best
[12:50:01 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: to ruin me?!
[12:54:01 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: yes
[12:54:29 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: you succeeded.
[12:54:35 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: i am now a puddle of soap suds.
[12:54:38 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: splendid
[12:54:38 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: and soup
[12:54:46 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: a puddle of soapy soup
[12:54:49 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: my ebil plan has been a success
[12:55:05 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: it's so evil, that it's not evil! it's ebil!
[12:55:15 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: MUAHAHAHAHA
[12:55:33 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: *pop*
[12:55:42 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: that is the sound of my soup soup bubbles popping in defeat.
[12:55:55 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: *soapy soup bubbles
[12:56:08 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: how many bubbles?
[12:56:13 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: 18.
[12:56:25 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: it would've been good luck, 'cause, chi, 18. but no. it's defeat.
[12:56:45 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: quite a turn of evenst, isn't it?
[12:56:52 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: that it is, that it is.
[12:57:02 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: how sad
[12:57:24 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: if i wasn't soapy soup, i'd almost be crying.
[12:57:33 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: (except really, i'm laughing. a lot. hehe!)
[12:57:51 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: good!
[13:00:50 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: you're ebil ebil plan.
[13:00:53 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: heh
[13:00:58 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: do you have a cold?
[13:01:08 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: no.
[13:01:19 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: you're plan, a ong time ago, you said was ebil. not evil.
[13:01:20 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: good
[13:01:27 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: i know,
[13:01:35 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: i was just trying to be difficult
[13:01:40 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: okay.
[13:01:43 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: *pop*
[13:01:46 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: *pop*
[13:01:55 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: how many's that?
[13:03:18 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: 324. that's 18x18
[13:03:32 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: that's quite a lot
[13:04:02 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: zollie thought your icon was a bra
[13:05:11 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: zollie shouldn't be thinking about bra's he's only 13. we should make him sit in a vat of soapy soup. not me, but a different vat of soapy soup.
[13:06:03 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: he thinks hes 14
[13:06:25 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: (i don't know why, but that make me laugh a lot. now i'm cracking up).
[13:06:32 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: but he needs to wait a year.
[13:06:42 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: then he can really be 14, and not jsut be delusional.
[13:07:05 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: i dont know why, but i'm cracking up too
[13:07:35 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: cause you're a cracker, and you got cracked in half. and now you're covered in CHEESE cause you live in wisconsin!
[13:12:05 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: kinky
[13:16:26 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: that's not quite what i was thinking, but, whatever floats your boat.
[13:16:46 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: i know, i kind of figured that after the long pause
[13:17:52 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: actually, i was downstairs balancing my checkbook.
[13:17:59 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: which wasn't hard because i haven't made any transactions.
[13:18:46 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: lots of brain power, that one
[13:19:04 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: what can i saw, i'm soapy soup.
[13:19:34 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: that you are my friend, that youare
[13:19:52 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: yeah. i am.
[13:20:14 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: splendid
[13:20:41 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: soupr
[13:20:58 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: troo
[13:21:00 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: ly
[13:21:17 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: you spelled truely wrong.
[13:21:47 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: and you spelled super wrong
[13:22:00 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: not only that but you spelled truly wrong too
[13:22:35 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: oops. lol. (and i did not spell soupr wrong. silly, that's the correct spelling for it. everyone ELSE spells it wrong).
[13:23:18 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: one of thos "i'm not insane, the rest of the world is" things?
[13:23:27 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: exactly.
[13:23:31 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: i gotcah
[13:23:46 08-21-2003] SouprGirl1: yup
[13:24:12 08-21-2003] kewlpookia: WEEEEE

Posted by Serene Chaos at 2:29:00 PM °°°

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Tonight we had a goodbye-[R]dinner. Family came over to say goodbye to me.

My uncle said:
"You may be saying goodbye to a daughter, but we're loosing a babysitter!"

My cousin walked into my room. My room had just about all the clothes I own piled on my bed, and bags and bags of other random stuff all over the floor. She said:
"[R], your room is such a mess I can't even clean it."

Posted by Serene Chaos at 11:49:00 PM °°°