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Saturday, August 16, 2003

My 6-year-old cousin called me.

Her: Hello this is [E].
Me: Hi [E]! It's [R].
Her: Hi. Your phone number was in my phone book so I called it.
Me: Oh, okay.
(...later, after having the phone switched between her and my grandma about four times...)
Her: [R], will you please come over? (She's at my grandma's house).
Me: Maybe.
Her: No, will you really come over?
Me: I might. I don't want to promise you and then not come, but I'll try.
Her: No, please, really come over.
(In the background I hear my aunt, her mom, say, '[E], hang up and leave her alone'.)
Me: *laughs*
Her: What are you laughing at?
Me: I just heard your mom say something funny.
Her: What?
Me: Nothing, it just made me laugh.
Her: So, will you come over?
Me: I'll really try, okay?
Her: Okay. My mom says I have to go now.
Me: Okay. Bye [E].
Her: Bye [E]. Let me hang up first though.
Me: Okay.
Her: I'm going to hang up now. Bye [R].
*She hangs up*

I'm going to miss my little cousins when I go to school!

Posted by Serene Chaos at 12:22:00 PM °°°

Friday, August 15, 2003

My recent life in a not-so-small nutshell.

I fell off my bike on the way to camp (on the last day of camp). I got a big ugly bruise on my leg.

The last day of camp happened. It was sad because I love camp. My site director recommended me for site director next year (if there's an opening), so that was really cool. One of my campers had been promising for days to sing the Bob The Builder song on the last day and he did. It was cute.

My family went on vacation. We were going to ride bikes on some bike trials in Wisconsin. My littlest brother keeps trying to do these tricks on his bike. So, I was riding behind him, and then he stopped. My bike (which is a hybrid) doesn't stop very well on loose gravel trails. I ran into him and fell off the bike. My right arm is now a nice shade of green (aka, bruised) and I have a big bruise on my right thigh. When I get to school, people are going to think I was abused at home, with all these bruises. In addition to the bruises, my fall caused my odometer to break, and dented or bent my front wheel. (I have never fallen off my bike before. So the fact that I fell off it twice in a span of three days was interesting.)

The computer died. Someone came out to insert a new hard drive. When he was here, we had this conversation:
Guy: Do you know what's going to happen when I take out the old hard drive?
Me: I'm thinking we are going to loose everything.
Guy: Yeah. Some people don't realized that. And then when I'm done, they ask me how they get to all their old files.

I got the Kensington USB Fan which I have been wanting ever since I first saw it. Only, I got it for a lot cheaper than they sell it over at ThinkGeek.

I became one of them. I got a cell phone. It, oddly, is roaming at some places in my house. I don't get it. But, I got to pick the last four digits. They are B-HPE. (Try to guess what that means!)

I went to this resale shop they have in my town. It is open like, one day a week. And they have no sign on the outside. So no one knows about it. Except my sister who somehow found out about it. Because where I live, people decide they don't want their expensive brand name clothes anymore, just because. So then people like me go and buy it for really cheap! And it's funny because I don't care that stuff is "name brand". I actually feel kind of self-conscious wearing a Juicy shirt. (And I am really very scared now. Looking for that link, I went to the site. It's quite terrifying. Especially if you listen to the "Story".) But I am happy that I found a sweater that both fits me and costs $10.00. And I got two pairs of jeans for $8.00 each! Yay for resale shops.

And, I just had this conversation with my friend (we were talking about who was going to drive for tonight's plans):

[20:20:31 08-15-2003] dancer1193: i assume i'm driving?
[20:21:24 08-15-2003] SouprGirl1: if you could. i do have a car. except, the rearview mirror oddly fell off a few days ago. and we haven't gotten it fixed yet, so my mom isn't too anxious to have me drive it until it gets fixed.
[20:21:40 08-15-2003] dancer1193: are you kidding??? mine did too!
[20:21:46 08-15-2003] SouprGirl1: really?! lol.
[20:21:47 08-15-2003] dancer1193: yea
[20:21:51 08-15-2003] SouprGirl1: that's so weird. lol.
[20:21:55 08-15-2003] dancer1193: yup
[20:22:11 08-15-2003] dancer1193: i can drive though, it's alright
[20:22:17 08-15-2003] SouprGirl1: i've never heard of that happening before. and it happened to two people. weird!
[20:22:24 08-15-2003] dancer1193: yea, seriously

Have you ever heard of a rearview mirror just randomly falling off a car? I certainly never have. Very weird.

I was at The Great Indoors looking for a comforter for my bed at school. And we went past the paint section. I decided I wanted to make some sort of collage out of all those paint sample squares. So I took one of lots and lots of colors and I'm going to create "art". (It will be of the abstract contemporary variety, I'm sure.)

And that is what has gone on in my life.

I'm leaving for college in (*checks date on watch*) one week from today. It is starting to become real. Eek. I'm going to be in college.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 8:41:00 PM °°°

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

So, we were just on vacation. We were only gone for a few days, and I actually came back in the middle of the vacation for a day. I went to turn on the family computer because I was going to make a CD with some random songs on it. The computer was acting kind of weird, so I restarted it. It got stuck. A scary screen came up. I restarted again. The scary screen was still there. And it kept being there. And it kept getting scarier and scarier. But then I had to leave, so I left to go back on vacation. I kinda hoped that the computer would be all better when I got back. It wasn't. The first thing I did when I got home was call Tech Support. After confirming that whatever was wrong with my computer had nothing to do with the LovSan virus that's going around, I got put on hold for about half an hour. Then someone came and started helping me. A long while and a few holds later, he told me that my hard drive died. Someone is coming out with a new one within two days. If they are actually sending a person and a hard drive out to my house, that must mean that they are pretty certain that the hard drive is really dead. And that makes me very sad and very depressed. Do you know what was on that computer?! EVERYTHING!!! Do you know how lazy I am? Very. I don't back stuff up, even though I should. So, every picture I have ever taken with the old digital camera is GONE. Every past design to my website is GONE. Every program I had installed is GONE. All of my instant message logs are GONE. All my old school stuff is GONE. A lot of my graphic design stuff is GONE (some of that I actually had on CDs). All of the music that was on the computer is GONE. It's all GONE GONE GONE GONE GONE. Why is it gone?! I don't know!! I don't know why the hard drive just died. The computer had actually been working very well. And then it just slowed down, and DIED. I am NOT HAPPY. I am NOT HAPPY. I am NOT HAPPY.

*Later added*
I just remembered what else was lost!!! My Snood Registration Code!!! I either had it saved on the computer as a txt file. And now it's GONE!!! I NEED SNOOD!

If I sound delirious it's because I am!

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