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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

So. After going to Best Buy, ABT Electronics, CDW, and Circuit City (three times), I finally bought electronics for school.

I got a Sony Vaio PCG-FRV25. Basically, I'll tell you in three months when it either still works to my satisfaction, or I'm ready to throw it out the window, weather or not I made the right decision.

I got a Sony DSCV1 digital camera. It has 5MP and 4x Optical Zoom. Although I haven't quite used it yet, I'm thinking that I am going to fall in love with it. We'll go out for dinner together. I'll order it a veggie burger. Then we'll go have ice-cream. It's beautiful.

We were buying these items, as well as a mouse, a printer, a memory stick, and all the other stuff I need for the computer to work. And I was standing there freaking out. They just kept bringing more and more stuff. And I was was in the middle of Circuit City. And they brought out all these big boxes and everything. And then they printed out all the rebate forms (seven in all) and all the duplicate receipts, to send with the rebate forms. And it all just kept coming. There were two huge boxes, one small box, and two bags full of expensive electronic equipment. And it was all for me. Really, I'm not worth that much. I now own electronics that, when added together are worth more than I am.

And, I won't let my brother touch either the camera or the computer. All he can touch is the printer (which we got for free after rebate.) Because he does not have a good history with computers or cameras. Not a good history at all...

Posted by Serene Chaos at 11:52:00 PM °°°

Monday, July 28, 2003

So, here's my first post since the Blogathon. Let me again say how much fun it was and how much I love my sponsors and my commenters!

The latest tally is at 402 sponsors raising approximately $101,354.40 (because this is a worldwide event, different countries' money is worth different amounts when converted into American dollars). This is an amazing amount of money!!!!! I try to avoid the word amazing, and I usually don't use more than one exclamation mark, so you should be able to tell how excited I am that this much money has been raised!

Also, I'm trying to come up with what I'm going to buy electronics-wise for college.
I've been looking at laptops, but I have no clue what the difference between any of them are. What do you think of the Sony Vaio?
And I've been looking at digital cameras. What do you think of the Sony DSCV1? (I really like, among other things, that it's video mode is limited only to the space on the memory stick.)
And cell phone? I think I am going to use the Verizon Wireless Service, because rumor has it that it gets reception in [---town], Iowa

Posted by Serene Chaos at 11:04:00 PM °°°

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Distance: 52.40miles
Time actually riding: 6 hours 10 minutes 59 seconds
Average Speed: 8.4mph

So, technically, I burned about 12 points following the Weight Watchers pointsBooster. Someone was wondering how many calories I burned, and that's the closest I can get to figuring that out.

Thank you to all my sponsors! You are the people who donate the money! You helped raise $84.00 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Without you, we would all just be crazy people posting online for 24 hours.

Thank you to all my commenters! Without you I would just be a crazy person babbling to myself for 24 hours!

Thank you to Cat. Thank you to my monitor, Lola.

And Yay to everyone!!

And, Alhena finished her quilt. It turned out great!

Posted by Serene Chaos at 8:08:00 AM °°°

Distance: 52.25miles

I got another sponsor! You people are so cool! Thank you for your contribution Jasmine! (I will e-mail you to try to figure out who you are.)

(Test. I think my internet connection just died.) (It did for a second, but it fixed itself.)

Posted by Serene Chaos at 7:37:00 AM °°°

Here's some more posting of conversations. Because everything amuses me immensely at the moment. This starts in the middle of an IM conversation:

[07:17] CrystalW07: I was honestly just staring at this IM trying to figure out who you were.
[07:17] SouprGirl1: hehe.
[07:17] SouprGirl1: i've done a lot of that.
[07:17] CrystalW07: loooooosing it~!
[07:17] SouprGirl1: like sitting there for 10 minutes trying to figure out what it was i was supposed to be doing
[07:18] SouprGirl1: for forgetting really common words.
[07:18] CrystalW07: I threw a stick for my cat outside, and she ran after it, and I said "Way to stetch the fick, Lula!"
[07:18] CrystalW07: and then I stood there mumbling "Stet..et..Fetch! Fetch the..stick!" all triumphant

Posted by Serene Chaos at 7:24:00 AM °°°

This was posted on swirlee's page some time during the night. It amused me:

"I have been keeping an eye on (and chatting with) [R] over at Serene Chaos. She's cycling and also, apparently, eating maki, thus making me feel alternately tired and hungry.

For the curious and observant, the object behind her on her webcam is a box which contained an inflatable time portal which doubles, so [R] says, as "a portal to the land of stationary bike riding." Don't ask."

Posted by Serene Chaos at 7:18:00 AM °°°

I don't know who this guy is, but I saw it in the AIM chat, and it was funny.

[07:04] ThatDevinGuy: There's a piece of me that wants to go have an omelette. I want that piece to shut the fuck up and go in the corner.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 7:11:00 AM °°°

Distance: 52.09miles

Yeah, I'm slowing down. Sorry.

Umm... someone ate a frozen picklesickle.

It was exciting.

I ate my Boca burger. It gave me energy for about 48 seconds.

This has been fun. I will do it again next year.

Two posts left.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 7:02:00 AM °°°

Distance: 51.49miles

I made myself a veggie burger. But am now too tired/lazy to walk like 20 feet to go get it from the kitchen.

In a future post (the second to last one) I will post something else. This is a remind to myself in case I forget.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 6:33:00 AM °°°

Distance: 51.46

I just got tired. (But don't worry. I don't give up.)

So, I'm making myself a veggie burger to eat. Yum. And I'm thinking I may put my Mad About You DVDs on now.

Also, when I look at the computer screen. Or anywhere actually. Everything is tinged with white blobs. I'm thinking that's a bad thing. Is that a bad thing?

Posted by Serene Chaos at 6:03:00 AM °°°

Distance: 50.82miles

Yay! I hit 50 miles!!

[05:26] souprgirl1: ah, i was just drinking water and dripped it on myself.
[05:26] souprgirl1: my fine motor function is going away
[05:26] mwp44rr: that's bad
[05:26] souprgirl1: byebye
[05:26] souprgirl1: fine motor function

Yes, I now have the fine motor skills of a two year old. But I can still type! And with the help of ieSpell, I can spell words correctly.
That is a major difference between this year's blogathon and last year's blogathon. Last year I spelled everything wrong. This year, I use ieSpell.

Also, when I wasn't paying attention, the sun started coming up. Last I checked, it was pitch black when I was looking out the big window. Now, I can see again!!!

Posted by Serene Chaos at 5:32:00 AM °°°

Distance: 49.69miles

I keep going back to wench-tactular!. She's posting bad pick-up lines, and rating them with kumquats. It amuses me way more than it should. I love it!!

Also, I was going to say something else, but I have no idea whatsoever what it was. Oh well. *smiles*

I just joined the AIM blogathon chat. If you want to come in, IM me and I'll invite you. (My IM name is over at the left in the box that has facts about me.)

Posted by Serene Chaos at 5:03:00 AM °°°

Distance: 47.43miles

A little while ago Lola posted my dare to her. (Since I sponsored her, I got to dare her to do something.) I requested that she type a post entirely backward. It can be found on her page by searching for the title "362. ooh baby i think i love you, from head to toe (#38)..." (Sorry, I can't find a direct link to the entry.)

Also, I love when I'm going through the webring and I come across a site that I already read. It's like validating my choices or something. I'm like, "Yup, I read that one already. I'm super cool". Or something...

Also, when I was typing that paragraph above, I could not remember the word "webring". I was thinking and thinking and I could not figure it out. I had to look back into one of my older entries where I had written about the webring to figure out what the word was. Does that mean I'm getting tired? Because I still don't feel very tired.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 4:35:00 AM °°°

Distance: 46.40miles

Thanks to these people who have commented at these very late hours. (Late for me at least! I don't know their time zones.)

Woo! Only four hours left. That's eight posts. But also, it's a little sad. Blogathon is fun, and only happens once a year. It's a little like Halloween in that way.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 4:05:00 AM °°°

Distance: 45.02miles

Earlier in the day. Like, when it actually was day. And normal people were awake. My mom was reading the newspaper. There was an article about Toby Maguire, the guy from Spiderman. For some reason my mom decided that he was going to be my boyfriend. She made me look up his hight (5ft 8in). But then she found out he had a drinking problem and advised me to wait until he got that under control before we got together. My mom is an interesting woman. :-)

Also, I changed my shirt again. I am now wearing a violet spaghetti strap type tank top. It used to be kind of glittery, but that washed off after the first few times I wore it.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 3:35:00 AM °°°

Distance: 43.21miles

I've been going through the ring looking at everyone's sites and commenting. It's fun! You should do it too! It's especially fun since I'm a little loopy from tiredness, sugar, and mass amounts of bike riding! Yup, I'm still going strong! Pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal. :-)

I really want to say something interesting. But I don't know what. So I'm thinking that if I just keep typing for a bit, I'll eventually stumble upon something that can keep peoples' attention. Lalalalala. Okay, maybe not. But eventually, one of these posts, I will say something interesting. I promise!

Posted by Serene Chaos at 3:05:00 AM °°°

Distance: 41.11miles

Hmm... I'm still here. And really, I'm not tired yet. I'm waiting to get tired but I'm not. That's a good thing though.

I kind of feel like getting up and dancing. But
1) I can't play music too loud because it will wake up my family, and
B) I can't dance.

(That was a Paul Buchman from Mad About You. He always makes his lists mixed. Either 1), B); or A), 2). )

Posted by Serene Chaos at 2:34:00 AM °°°

Distance: 39.76miles

My friend left. All is quiet. I've gotten back to reading people blogs. I love commenting. I can't really keep up with the chats, and I've only had IM conversations with a few people. But I comment in people's blogs, because I know I love it when people comment in mine. I go for that whole reciprocal thing.

And, ow. I just realized my neck is is starting to glue itself in the odd contorted position that I am presently in. Interesting.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 2:04:00 AM °°°

Distance: 37.83miles

I now have officially had 24 pieces of vegetarian maki today. That's a whole lotta maki. And I've had 3 liters of water (that's 12 cups).

Um, also. Wait, no. There is no also. That's it.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 1:34:00 AM °°°

Distance: 37.42miles

My friend came over to visit! Thank you my friend!

And, I changed my shirt again. It's kind of crazy, every time I change my shirt, Solly notices. This time it's a grey sleeveless shirt. I'm running out of shirts. Oh no!

Posted by Serene Chaos at 1:02:00 AM °°°

Distance: 35.74miles

I got another sponsor! You people rock!! Thank you so much Jaynee for the sponsorship!

Also, my brain is frying. I seriously sat here for 20 minutes before I could figure out that I was trying to update my template adding Jaynee to my list of people who sponsored me. My mom who was sitting in the other room kept having to remind me what I was doing.

Oh, but don't worry. I won't drop out. I'll never drop out! (Hehe. I sound like Rose in the movie Titanic, "I'll never let go Jack, I'll never let go!". And then, she lets go. But I won't drop out. I promise. :-) See, I guaranteed you with a smilie face. That's the [R] seal of promise.)

Posted by Serene Chaos at 12:33:00 AM °°°

Distance: 34.34miles

I was sitting here and I knew there was something I wanted to write and I couldn't remember what it was. But then I remembered.

Sometimes, according to my webcam, it looks like I'm leaning against my computer screen. Someone was worried that being so close to the monitor would be bad for my eyes. She was correct. That would be bad for my eyes. Except I'm not leaning against the monitor. There is a shelving unit that is attached to the wall above the computer. It juts out about two feet. The computer monitor is a flat screen, so it is pretty close to the wall. When it looks like I'm leaning against the monitor, I'm really leaning against the shelves, so I'm actually about a foot away from the monitor. No need to fear, my eyes are safe. :-)

Also, I was talking to Crystal of Think Spring.
[23:52] CrystalW07: I would be dead by now!
[23:52] CrystalW07: can you still feel your legs?
[23:53] SouprGirl1: heh. i'm not going fast or anything. and the resistance isn't set very hard. it's just kind of difficult because i have to turn myself sideways to reach the keyboard.
[23:58] CrystalW07: people should sponsor you for a chiropractor appointment for tomorrow

I don't know if that was actually funny, or if I'm just really easily amused at this point in time.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 12:08:00 AM °°°