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Monday, March 06, 2006

Dear Computer,

I have a few problems with you. Maybe if I list them out, and you see how much you have been acting up lately, you will start behaving.
1) You, for some reason, are super super slow. Now, you have sufficient memory. You have no spyware/adware. You have no viruses. You have no reason to be this slow. I take very good care of you.
2) You are so loud! I know it's good to have the fan on sometimes. But you always have the fan on. And you don't just have the fan going slowly. It's going at full blast. Loudly.
3) You have ceased to play any DVDs. At first, you just wouldn't play my Buffy DVDs. I thought maybe you just didn't like Joss Whedon. Then you stopped playing Gilmore Girls and Everwood too. So I thought you had something against the WB. Then you wouldn't play anything except my pilates DVDs. Okay, maybe you don't like TV or Movies, but at least you valued health. Now you won't even play the pilates DVDs. That is just the last straw. I love my pilates DVDs.

So in summary, dear computer, you need to shape up. I'm pretty sure that my warranty is expired so I can't fix you. You're having all these problems and you need to work them out on your own. Some days I too am feeling slow or tired, when that I happens, I take a nap or have some caffeine. I leave you alone from about 9:00AM until about 5:00PM Monday through Friday. This should give you plenty of time to rest.

Get over your problems!


Posted by Serene Chaos at 7:32:00 AM °°°