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Monday, January 16, 2006

I just realized!!

I missed my blog-birthday on January 1st or 2nd. (Depending on whether or not the "test test test" entry counts as my first entry.)

I am 4 years old!

I began as a junior in high school, and am now a junior in college. When I started this blog, I had never maintained any type of journal or log for more than, oh, one week? So, despite the fact that I can go for long periods of time without posting anything, and when I do post it's frequently random ramblings or pointless observations, four years is a big accomplishment for me.

When I began Serene Chaos, I was just starting to think about college and what colleges and/or universities to apply to. I made the choice and now am having to start thinking a tiny bit about what will happen post-college. (ScaryScaryScary.)

I would like to thank the internet, Blogger, and high-speed connections for making this all possible.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 9:58:00 PM °°°

I don't make New Year's resolutions. But I am going to make New Semester resolutions. Or, goals. And I'm going to set my sights low. I don't like failing. I also don't like setting goals. So...

1. Set goals for myself.
2. Do two things each week that scare me/make me nervous. (Should be pretty easy since everything makes me nervous.)
3. Do pilates at least once each week.
4. Go to the gym to use the elliptical at least once each week.
5. Say "hi" to people as I pass them outside/in academic buildings (instead of doing the typical G--- College thing of looking away and ignoring people as you walk by.) Bonus: Use their names if possible.
6. Keep my room clean. (I actually did a pretty good job of this last semester.)

More general goals:
A. Don't be afraid of professors. They are there to help you. Especially the education ones - they are all really friendly and helpful. You can talk to them without cowering.
B. Don't be afraid of people. Especially my friends. Talk to them.
C. Be less guarded. (Connects to above.)
D. Procrastinate less. (Ha! Like that could ever actually happen!)
E. Complain about obvious petty stuff less.
F. Maintain my Spanish-speaking/listening/reading/writing skills so that I don't fail when I study abroad next year.

Alright. Let's see how this all goes.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 9:39:00 PM °°°

I have done so much of nothing all break, that the thought of going back to school and having to interact with peers and professors on a regular basis is starting to make me nervous.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 9:26:00 PM °°°

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I have this new thing where I wake up really early and just don't feel like going back to sleep. So I've been waking up at like 5:00, 6:00 every morning, and staying awake despite the fact that I have nothing to do all day. Then, when it gets to be the evening, I am really tired and just want to go to sleep.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 8:13:00 AM °°°