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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I should write so that I don't forget stuff.

1) If I don't stop eating the deserts in the cafeteria, I really will get that dreaded freshman fifteen.

2) Except, I do ride my bike, so that has to help some. The only problem is, I am having a hard time finding somewhere to ride that doesn't turn into a) a gravel road; b) a head end; or c) highway 6; after 2 miles.

3) My new favorite food is a bowl of peas with a spoonful of cottage cheese mixed in. I eat it with every meal (except breakfast, because they don't have peas out for breakfast).

4) The allergens are going at full force, and my nose and throat do not like it. I have used up nearly two entire boxes of kleenex, and I have been here less than two weeks.

5) I took a wall climbing class. I not only learned how to attach myself to the rope, I also learned how to belay. When I was belaying someone, she was going to come down, and I was all ready. I was holding the rope the correct way and everything. Except, she weighed more than me. So, because of equal forces or something, she pulled me up off the ground a little bit. And that's supposedly okay, but it is also a little bit scary. Next time, I am tying a big heavy weight to myself.

6) My tutorial (which is a themed class that serves as an English 101 type class) is incredibly boring. We spent an hour and a half going over sentences that other people in the class had written. But it was not in a helpful way. It was in a boorriinnggg way. And I almost fell asleep although it was only the second day of class. It basically felt like my high school freshman English class, instead of a college freshman English class.

7) And for this tutorial, we have to go on a weekend trip to the cahokia mounds. Which I pretty much don't want to do, but it is mandatory.

8) I just went out to the telescope to look at Mars which is supposed to be really big and cool looking. After waiting in line for 35 minutes, I finally got to the telescope. I saw a blurry white dot. It was incredibly disappointing. It looks much cooler if you just stair up at the sky while walking to and from the telescope. Because, unlike my suburban hometown, there are actually stars in [---- College]. (At home the lights of Chicago block out many of the stars.)

9) The [---- College] library is so much fun. It has tree houses. I will get pictures of it soon.

10) [---- College] has blocked all file-sharing programs (except Blubster which I won't download because it comes with lots of nasty gifts, in the form of spy-ware), and while it keeps their students from illegally downloading stuff, it is a little disappointing. (And a bit hypocritical. They don't allow file sharing, which has not yet been proved to be entirely illegal. And will not hurt the people sharing files. Yet, at the same time, they ignore the fact that many people are drinking alcohol underage and smoking illegal things. Which could very easily hurt these people.)

11) I am already suffering from lack of sleep.

12) While spending a few hours in the library, I decided to change my disk-man from CD mode to TV mode. And in doing so I tuned into George Lopez, and ended up listening to that for an hour instead of doing my school work. I have never seen the show before, but the dialog is very funny.

13) I need to get back to working on my paper. The End.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 11:49:00 PM °°°