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Friday, August 09, 2002

I have to go on vacation. It is one of the ever-so-"fun" family vacations. It will consist of a lot of driving, a lot of sibling rivalry, a lot of bathroom stops, and a lot of me complaining that I would rather be at home.
The only good part will be a stop at The University of Miami of Ohio. Which isn't exactly a good part, but it will amuse me and hopefully give me more of an idea of where I want to go to college.

Also, I will experience internet withdrawal. A not-quite-deadly result of becoming too dependant on the internet for amusement.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 5:25:00 PM °°°

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

I found this way too amusing to not become a part of.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 11:41:00 AM °°°

Is it a bad thing that I just spent about an hour and a half playing Oregon Trail (version 1.1) on my old computer? And I had fun - I got on the high score table. But I felt so sad and helpless when little messages kept popping up. "Bad Water"..."CharacterX has dysentary"... I want to help, but I can't. Because it's just a computer game.

On a not-so-side note, while looking for an Oregon Train link, I found this. I, at my 2:00am mentality find it quite humorous.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 2:02:00 AM °°°

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

If you had any relatives who came to the United States through Ellis Island, you should try to look them up in the Ellis Island search. I tried looking for my grandpa, and while I found someone who was about the age he was when he came here, and they were coming at about the right year, they were coming from the wrong country so I doubt that it was him. But I still think it's cool. At my temple, the 6th graders have this program in which they see what it was like (kind of) to have to go through Ellis Island. They are given an identity and a certain amount of money, and then they have to go though different check-points. They can only get accepted if they pass all the medical, mental, and other tests. And if they are able to bribe the workers. I volunteered once to be one of the "workers" and while it was fun because my sister was in that class and I was able to fail her several times, it was also thought provoking. How scary it must have been going though a place like that - not knowing any people except the few you are with, having no possessions except what you're wearing and what you could carry, not knowing the language, having just traveled for weeks or months aboard a ship...

Anyway, go visit the Ellis Island site, it's pretty interesting.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 11:32:00 PM °°°

Yesterday I decided to go running. I haven't run since I kind of quit the track team at school last spring, so I decided to start of slow. I ended up traveling for over an hour, though I only ran for about 20 minutes...the rest of the time I walked. I also stopped at a park right by my house. I did some pull up and leg lifts and other fun stuff like that on the playground equipment. Then I came home and decided to do some more conditioning (sit-up type stuff) in the backyard. I was sweating so much, I had to close my eyes because the sweat was falling in them and making my eyes sting. Yeah, I was being really ambitious.

Then, when it came time to go to gymnastics, I had a really bad headache. I never get headaches, so I just took an Advil and tried to shake it off. I really wanted to go because this was the last week before one of my friends was going to go to college, and we also have had some college girls helping us, who are going to leave for college soon. I wanted to see everyone before they went. So, when I got there I had a headache. We stretched a little and then went to warm up on the balance beam. I was starting to feel nauseous at this time, but still, tried to shrug it off. I had told my mom to come pick me up early (she wouldn't let me drive - she wanted the car), so I only had an hour and a half left. I did some walking across the beam, and some full turns. Then I decided to do round-offs. Not a good idea. I just started warming them up on the floor, but every time my head turned upside down, it felt like it was going to explode. So, I asked someone to borrow their cell phone so I could call my mom to come pick me up then, I couldn't do anything. Then, Ken, my coach there, started making fun of me for using the cell phone. I told him I was leaving and the only reason I had come was because everyone was leaving and I wanted to be able to say goodbye to them. He just made fun of me some more, called me Courtney (who is another girl who is very good at gymnastics, but doesn't always come and doesn't always come on time), and then went off to the office. (He tends to leave in the middle of practice...I don't know why and I don't think it's really legal.) So, then I went to wait outside for my mom to come get me. As Willow said in an episode of Buffy, "My head [felt] big." Bigger than it should.

Blech. I never get sick. I feel better now though.

Moral of the story - If you feel sick, don't ignore it and go to gymnastics. It will only afford you two unnecessary 20 minute rides in the car.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 5:19:00 PM °°°

Quick, go visit Google. Today is Andy Warhol's birthday and they have one of their cool decorated logos!

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Sunday, August 04, 2002

iSketch is a fun game! It's like InkLink, except it actually works! Inklink was a great game, until they did something to it so that it rarely works, and it got overrun with people who spell out the words instead of draw them. iSketch seems to have people who actually want to play for fun, instead of cheat to win.

Posted by Serene Chaos at 12:20:00 AM °°°